Improving neighbor relations

Saratoga, California

"One of our neighbors complained about all of the junk we have in our back yard. We had
two butterfly chairs made of heavy steel. They don't make tarps for those chairs
anymore...but I couldn't throw them away! My husband Jeff said, 'We should make a dinosaur
out of it!' He wired the chairs together to form the legs of the dinosaur. We also had
about forty broken wire tomato planters, some of which we used to help form the body, tail
and head. Styrofoam, bubble wrap, all these things you never know what to get rid of...we
completely stuffed the dinosaur.

"A friend donated four-year-old flour from her garage and we made paper-mach´┐Ż. Rain made
the dinosaur soggy, and crickets were eating it. So we bought wallpaper paste and added
another five layers of newspaper and wallpaper paste. Two of our grandkids (seen in the
photo) helped paint it with acrylic colors we mixed with outdoor Navaho White. My husband
had extra pairs of shoes in our garage...

"My daughter dropped by and said, 'That's an Americasaurus!' Another neighbor saw it in
our yard and thought everybody should see it, so four men carried it out to the street.

"We've just rescued an old stove. We're going to turn that into an alien!"

Thanks to Kaetlyn and Libby for phooning. Photo idea: mine.

Jul 05, 2002

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