A Mongolian garden

Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China

Once a group record with 23 phooners.

"Twenty three Chinese teachers of English phooned with me between the dorm and apartment
buildings of the Educational Services Exchange with China (ESEC) Summer Institute of
English. It is held at the Baotou Iron and Steel Company training center. I worked with
them for several weeks, teaching them Western methods for teaching English." --Scott

Editor: Amazing. If I understand right, Chinese citizens value looking their best for a
photo (e.g. formal portraits, glamour photos). Being photographed doing something silly
would be out of the question! And yet these teachers joined Scott in this photo. I think
that says a lot about their respect for and comfort with Scott as their teacher. And it
looks like they had a good time, too!

Thanks to Scott and the group for phooning and to Scott for the photo idea.

Sep 13, 2002

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