Drop off

Castlerock park, Santa Cruz mountains, California

I was terrified by the view and heights. The hillside drops away nearly as fast as the
face of the rock. I don't recall ever having such difficulty lifting my rear foot to shift
weight onto my other leg. That had to be the slowest Phoon pose I'd ever done...and the
shakiest. I was very glad when the photographer got the picture so I could back away from
the edge and return to the pathway. Fortunately, the pathway was just a few feet away.

The rock sticks out of a hillside, and the forest path passes by the top of the rock.
Getting onto the top of the rock was as simple as stepping off of the path onto the rock.
Standing on one foot with little below me was a different story.

Phooner: me. Photo idea: mine.

Jul 04, 2002

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