Circus acts

San Jose, California

At the post-eBay Live party

Editor: Part of the entertainment at the party was these circus acts on raised platforms
(surrounded by dining tables.) One guy did tricks with hula hoops, another balanced balls,
and two contortionist girls writhed around.

When I phooned by myself in the middle of the acts (photo not shown), Victor (from the
Developers Program Phoon photo taken a few days earlier) saw and came to say hello. He was
definitely interested in joining in another Phoon photo.

Then Donna came over and asked if I could send her a copy of the picture. I asked her if
she'd be do the pose. "Sure!" Now check this out (I didn't see this until after taking the
photo): the contortionist behind Donna might have been imitating us...and then went
further and pulled her foot over her head! And then Donna talked her husband Victor into
phooning. (They're eBay sellers who retired from the military. Fun folks.)

Thanks to Victor, me, unknown, Donna and Victor for phooning. Photo idea: mine.

Jun 26, 2005

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