eBay listing

Sunnyvale, California

I have been helping Mom sell her stuff on eBay. I thought to myself, "Why not appear in
one of the listing's photos?" She didn't know I did this until she looked at the post
online. Yes, it was an actual eBay listing. Listed for $0.99, sold for $0.99. The buyer
paid for shipping the 25 lb item--a good deal for the buyer! Some of the words in the
listing: "The winning bidder only gets the empty ammunition box, not the kitchen or the
man." (The word "man" linked to Phoons.com.)

Okay, your turn to appear in your eBay listing...if you need help getting a screenshot,
let me know and I'll help you.

Phooner: me. Photo idea: mine.

Jan 29, 2006

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