Extreme Makeover house

Encinitas, California

"We heard that ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was doing a remodel (to say the least)
on the home of fellow church-member Brian Wofford and his eight children. Brian was
widowed in 2000 when his 41 year old wife Teresa died suddenly from a severe flu.

"We got down to their home in Encinitas, CA—a few miles from us—about an hour
and a half before they arrived in the traditional limo.

"After it was all over, I couldn't resist a Phoon in front of their 'new' home... over
4600 square feet, when it used to be about 1500. That's EM:HE's Michael Moloney in the
light blue shirt, talking to volunteers. See also the Preston Sharp Phoon photo. The show
aired 9/26/2004." --David

Thanks to David for phooning (and for the photo idea).

Jul 06, 2004

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