Blimp hangar

Mountain View, California

"This dirigible hangar is one of a pair built before World War I near the San Francisco
bay. After the Hindenberg disaster in 1937, dirigible use declined. I heard that a Navy
pilot flew a plane through it during World War II and was court marshaled." --Doris

From "The land where Moffett Field sits today was originally part of the
Bay Area community and owned by local municipalities. In 1930, local citizens raised funds
to purchase the land for a naval air station, expecting to reap economic benefits from the
facility. The citizens purchased 1000 acres of wetlands for $476,065.90 and turned the
property over to the Federal government for $1 on August 2, 1931."

Editor: Check out these impressive pictures from Jim Lyon's site: pic1 pic2

Thanks to Bob for phooning (and for the photo idea).

Jan 21, 2002

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