Old winery with hidden tunnel

Sunnyvale, California

"We walk by this house every morning and finally stopped to check out why it had a
'historical landmark' plaque on it. It turns out it was once part of the Collins-Scott
Winery, founded in 1880. It is the oldest brick building in Sunnyvale. It used to have a
private railroad, shipping 300 gallons of wine daily.

"The present occupants say there used to be a tunnel leading from the brick distillery
(now their home) several hundred yards to the corner of the 320 acre vineyard. One of
their neighbors remembers playing in the tunnel as a child. If they ever find it, they
think they'll make it into a wine cellar. :-)" --Doris

Thanks to Bob for phooning and to Doris for the photo idea.

Aug 29, 2003

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