Hockey game

During a Sharks game, HP Pavilion, San Jose, California

"See the Blue Coats? Those ushers check your tickets...they want to make sure you go to
your seat. We paid for the cheap seats (camera location). Earlier, Usher Woman wouldn't
let me go down more than a few steps for a photo (even during a 'break in action').

"I told my photographer to watch for me in one of two places to try for a better shot on
the stairs with Usher Woman. I went to the doorway, waited with other fans for a 'break in
action'. No eye contact with Blue Coat--she was checking tickets. There's a whistle...I
hustled down the steps...But now the photographer couldn't find me. I was waving, standing
upright, waving. No response.

"A little boy sat down next to me with his dad. He looked up at me and asked, 'Is it OK if
we come sit down here this close?' (Obviously his dad had bought cheap seats, too.) His
dad said, 'We were watching you get closer from up there,' pointing to upper cheap seats.

"I missed the 4th goal. Photographer still looking everywhere for me, binoculars and all.
I borrowed the dad's cell phone and called her. We missed the 5th goal. Darnit! Posed, she
missed that. Blue Coat told me to return to my seat (I went up a few rows). Saw a hand
signal and quickly posed and...Flash!" --Tim

Thanks to Tim for phooning (and for the photo idea).

Nov 14, 2007

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