Renewal of the Phoon at Bloomingdale's

Fashion Mall, Newport Beach, California


One evening on a business trip, I wandered around the Newport Beach mall. I don't remember
what reminded me of the last time I'd done the Phoon for a photo (some 20 years earlier),
but I wanted to do it again.

I walked all around the mall, looking for good Phoon opportunity. I settled on this view,
partly because the only person I had the courage to ask to take the photo was a gal at an
information booth! I instructed her to take the picture once I stood "like this." We
worked out hand signals, she took the photo, and the Phoon was reborn.

Note this particular Phoon shape, and go read see the Find the Phoon description regarding

Phooner: io. Idea: mia.

May 06, 1999

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