Stew Leonard's

Norwalk, Connecticut

I was on a business trip to Connecticut and had driven to Yale University to take some
Phoon photos. On the way back, the lights of Stew Leonard's caught my eye. Across the face
of the building, it says "Stew Leonard's--World's Largest Dairy Store--As featured in
Ripley's Believe It or Not." I had to go inside to see what the fuss was all about.

Quite the unconventional grocery store. What first caught my eye was the wide, single
aisle that winds through the store like a path in a maze. Just want to buy some beans?
Sorry, you'll have to follow the main path through the majority of the store. But it's a
fun experience. At one point, I passed an open bakery where a guy was shovelling freshly
baked loaves out of a large oven. At another point, large glass panes let you peer in at
machinery filling milk bottles.

The reason I took this picture was because the milk cartons and chicks started singing and
dancing soon after I walked by. They sang all about customer service: "The customer's
number one..." They sang and sang. There were a few other singing displays along the
route. What a place. I also took some Beans Around the World photos there, which you can
find at that web site if you look under Connecticut.

Phooner: io. Idea: mia.

Jul 08, 2002

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