Lake at the Old Summer Palace

Beijing, China

"These were some of our students from our Peking University Conversational English Summer
course. Just a few minutes earlier, we told them for the first time about phooning. We had
been walking around the lake looking for a place to picnic. The other photos demonstrate
how strong the tradition is with the Chinese to hold up two fingers for photos--'everyone
does it' since childhood.

"When we told them that our brother had created the website, they concluded that the Phoon
pose must be something that Americans do in their pictures. We realized that they might
try to make a connection with other Americans on that basis, so we clarified that, no,
it's not an American thing, that people around the world have become aware of this website
and have sent in pictures." --Joanne

Grazie a Scott ed the group per phooning e a Joanne e per l'idea della foto.

Sep 13, 2004

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