White Sands National Monument desert

Alamogordo, New Mexico

"I had in mind to do a Phoon shot when I went to White Sands, so I was keeping my eye open
for a good spot to do it. I waited until about an hour after sunrise, when the light was
still low and the contrast was good, but there was enough light that the shot wouldn't
look too hazy.

"I knew I would just be a shadow against the white sand dunes so I looked for a good spot
where I could be on a dune ridge but still have white sand behind me rather than mountains
or sky. This particular view was actually easy to find, not more than a few hundred meters
from my campsite.

"Once I found the point of view, I went through 'the plan' with my girlfriend. I would
walk around the dune and come up from behind the ridgeline so as not to leave any
footprints in the shot. She would direct me to the location where my entire body would be
backdropped by white." --mouser

Grazie a mouser per phooning (ed e per l'idea della foto).

Feb 19, 2003

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