John E. Darrow

Software Technical Writer and Technologist
Sunnyvale, California
Tech writing since 1987; Software tech writing since 1996
Hobby programming in Java and Perl since 1997; huge boost in 2016-7 including Node.js with Marko

Employment History
[ See details of experience ]
eBay Software engineer—eBay Developer Program Engineering: Web development in Node.js (backend and frontend) and Marko 8/2016-7/2017
  Software engineer—eBay REST API development 7/2015-7/2016
  Staff technical writer; course developer, trainer; assertions identifier—Commerce OS team 1/2015-6/2015
  Staff technical writer and technologist—Commerce OS team 7/2012-12/2014
  Staff technical writer and technologist—X.Commerce team 6/2011-6/2012
  Staff technical writer and technologist—eBay Developer Program 12/2007-6/2011
  Senior technical writer and technologist—eBay Developer Program 2/2005-11/2007
  Technical writer, contract—eBay Developer Program 7/2004-02/2005
Informatica Technologist and tech writer, contract—Hired to transform the source of data for documentation 3/2004-6/2004
Veritas Technical writer, contract—Hired to provide formal equivalents of rough engineering papers 12/2003-1/2004
Savi Project advisor and trainer, contract—Hired to advise and train a team of writers 6/2003
  Technical writer, contract—Hired to provide API documentation for a large Java package 10/2001-12/2001
(many companies) Instructor, contract—Hired to teach my courses: Documenting Java and C++ API, Java Programming. See 1998-2003
Sun Microsystems Technical writer, contract—Hired to document a Java application 9/1997-10/1999
Oracle Technical writer and team lead—"Electronic Commerce" Java project 7/1996-8/1997
IBM Engineering course developer and trainer, internal customer support—3D CAD software support 8/1988-1/1996
  Process and tooling engineer—Hard drive manufacturing 4/1985-8/1988

UCSC Extension     Certificate in C++/OO-Programming (1996) • Perl/CGI • Java Servlets •
    EJB with WebLogic • J2ME/Wireless • JavaBeans • Macromedia Director/Lingo
De Anza College     Certificate in Technical Writing 1991
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo     BS Mechanical Engineering; programming in Fortran, Basic 1985

Skills and Passions
PhotoImpact • Photoshop • Illustrator • HTML/CSS • FrameMaker • WebWorks
Windows Movie Maker (1000+ videos on YouTube as 'javawriter')
Windows • Mac
Teacher and helper -- I love distilling info, isolating what helps keep the "cookies on the bottom shelf" for the learner
Process scrutinizer -- My brain locks into opportunities for process improvements
Gardener -- It's high praise when neighbors stop at our garden to take photos of Spring flowers
Pianist -- I have helped in bands at several bay area churches
Photographer -- I believe I have a great eye for composition, contrast
Fix-it guy -- My father instilled in me the courage to tackle whatever--plumbing, automotive, appliances... before there was DIY on YouTube! :)
Cook -- Thanks to Mom for the training!
Lover of hospitality, encouragement -- Satisfaction when I get to do these things
Creator of -- Java/Perl programmer—multi-verbal language web site. Created a software solution for generating its tens of thousands of highly-linked, localized web pages. Now has ~5000 photos from contributing fans, thanks to my effective promotions.