John E. Darrow -- API Technical Writer and Programmer -- Resume
John E. Darrow

Java/C++ API Technical Writer, Java/Perl Programmer
San Jose, California
Writing since 1987, programming in Java since 1997

Services Offered
Writer Produce software documentation—user's guides, reference manuals, tutorials, courseware, and API reference and usage.
Advisor Help your team plan wisely for an API documentation project.
Programmer Help automate doc build tasks. Assist in the development of Java apps or Perl/CGI scripts.
Trainer Teach your employees how to program in Java and Perl, how to document Java and C++ API, and how to plan for and use javadoc effectively.

Employment History
[ details of experience ]
eBay Senior->Staff technical writer and technologist—Web Services, XML, WSDL, SOAP, Java, Perl, .NET API Developers Platform. Creating and revising my share of API docs on the team's every-two-weeks release schedule. Primary architect of the Java and Perl software used by the doc team to generate the central call-based web services documentation from custom appinfo in eBay's schema. See 2/05-present
eBay Contract technical writer—XML API Developers Platform. Updated my share of API docs on the team's every-two-weeks release schedule. Contract extended twice. 7/04-02/05
Informatica Contract technologist—C++ product. Reverted existing API documentation back into source code. Enabled doxygen/javadoc via build process. Completed basic API documentation for 1000+ functions. 3/04-6/04
Veritas Contract technical writer—beta product. Converted engineering papers to formal documentation. 12/03-1/04
Savi Contract advisor—API documentation project and future training. 6/03
Savi Contract technical writer—API documentation for a large Java package. 10/01-12/01 Java/Perl programmer—multi-language web site. Developed the entire internationalized software solution for generating its tens of thousands of highly-linked web pages. Promoted "phooning" successfully (see that in Google). 5/99-present
(many companies) Author/instructor—courses in Documenting Java and C++ API, Java Programming and javadoc. See 1/98-present
Sun Microsystems Sole (contract) technical writer—load testing application written in Java. Delivered installation guide, user's guide, API reference and usage, and tutorial. / Programmer. Assisted developers. / Technologist. Repaired and improved scripts for generating ps/pdf/html directly from FrameMaker source files. 9/97-10/99
Oracle Team lead, technical writer—electronic commerce application written in Java. Delivered administrator's and user's guides, and API reference. Wrote software to generate FrameMaker API documentation directly from object model description text. Wrote scripts to generate ps/pdf/html directly from FrameMaker source files. 7/96-8/97
IBM Engineering trainer, internal customer support—3D CAD software and Unix. Developed corporate training material. Wrote software to convert SGML training documentation into HTML (early web days). 8/88-1/96
IBM Process and tooling engineer—hard drive manufacturing. Overhauled graphics and text in process documentation. 4/85-8/88

Self-taught     Java 2/AWT • Frame macros • WebWorks • javadoc • UNIX, CGI scripts • Flash • Photoshop • Illustrator 1996+
UCSC Extension     Certificate in C++/OO-Programming (1996) • Perl/CGI • Java Servlets •
    EJB with WebLogic • J2ME/Wireless • JavaBeans • Macromedia Director/Lingo
De Anza College     Certificate in Technical Writing 1991
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo     BS Mechanical Engineering 1985

Application and Language Experience
Documentation HTML/CSS • FrameMaker • WebWorks • RoboHelp Programming Java 2/Swing • Perl/CGI • UNIX scripts
Platforms Unix • Windows • Mac Multimedia PhotoImpact • Photoshop • Illustrator