A toast to Bob Darrow

Sunnyvale, California

July, 2005

"A few years ago, I was searching the internet for the history of the city of Sunnyvale
(where I was living at that time). I stumbled upon this photo of Bob at the Libby Tower.
That photo introduced me to the world of Phoons.

"Today, because of a message on your web site, I learned that Bob had died and that Bob
was your father! So I went to that same spot, with drink in hand, to offer a toast in
celebration of his life. I also discovered that Bob and I share the same birthday--40
years apart. I felt some destiny." --SG

Editor: Thank you, SG. Mom and I deeply valued this gesture--the thoughtful choice of
location and fascinating details! I know my Papa would have been touched by the beauty of
what you did this day.

Thanks to SG for phooning (and for the photo idea).

Jul 08, 2005

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