Convoy mission

Kabul, Afghanistan

"It is difficult to phoon with over 50 lbs. of gear, but here it is: Another successful
convoy mission." --Tony

Editor: It's rare that I add a comment to someone else's Phoon photo. This photo draws me
out of the shadows. Just last week, I was watching a TV show where individuals like Tony
spoke openly about their service: the dangers, the hassles, the extended stays...and their
commitment and hard work. Normally, I would instantly reject a Phoon photo that had a gun
in it. But this photo is powerful to me (similar to many in the To Life! and In
categories: the Phoon pose is a strange mask, obscuring, for a moment, the
heavy reality of the situation or setting. We're invited to go where we cannot otherwise
freely roam. Tony, thank you for your service on behalf of so many. May we see good from
all of this, and may all of you get to return home to your families soon.

"I, myself, hate the gun in the photo. I hate that he has to live like that. If you ever
get to meet Tony, you will quickly learn that this is not his personality at all. Anyway,
thanks for thinking of us and appreciating Tony for his service. He is working very hard
and has around 70 days left there. He drives in a convoy 6 days a week to work. It kills
me. We cannot wait for him to come home." --Johanna

Takk til Tony for Phooningen (og for fotoideen).

Apr 29, 2007

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