Baltimore, Maryland

Editor: With delight, I present this photo sent to me by Bud. Bud has appeared around the
world (like phooners and various cans of beans). I have enjoyed exchanging emails with Bud
as we have discussed whether he might do the Phoon for this web site. (Sadly, though, his
legs won't bend.) Here is Bud's letter, for your reading pleasure. (Note how he adds links
within his writing to direct you to other topics of interest, something I love about his
writing style.) Visit his web site for more fun!

"This picture was taken in an art gallery called Maryland Art Place where I had some of my
travel pictures and my website on display. It is in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The man
phooning next to me is Jack Rassmussen, the director of the gallery. He is a very nice
man. There is also a duck in the photo. I can't phoon, so it was nice of Jack to do it.

"The show of my snapshots was up for a month and I stayed in the gallery to help explain
them. Standing around the gallery during the show reminded me of when I sold children's
clothes at Montgomery Wards. It was kind of boring, but nice to meet all the people
though. Sincerely, Bud (touristbud.com)"

Takk til Jack for Phooningen og til Bud for fotoideen.

Aug 21, 2001

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