A statue

Bratislava, Slovakia

"My grandfather left Slovakia in 1907. My sister and I recently travelled there. We were
the first ones from America to visit our clan in almost 100 years. While there, I saw this
at the Danubiana Museum. The statue is looking at the entrance of the museum. Given the
overarching but playful nautical theme, I suspect that the figure is really swimming, not

"The story of the museum is downright 'Twilight Zone/X-Files.' It was started by a guy who
is doing it for a dead artist he claimed to talk to. He was in the cemetary where Picasso
was buried and 'saw' an artist sitting and rocking back and forth crying. The guy held him
and talked to him, promising to build the museum of modern art he had never built in life.

"Our clan is from the mountainous Orava region in Central Slovakia. It's still very poor
and I'm trying to leverage some financial support for a village playground, cultural
center, archeological dig (Bronze Age) and museum exhibit in the castle overlooking the
valley." --Scott

Takk til unknown for Phooningen og til Scott for fotoideen.

May 03, 2003

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