Dental school fire alarm

University of the Pacific Dental School, San Francisco, California

"Bob was getting dental work done at this dental school when their fire alarm went off.
Dental students and patients filed out onto the street and the balconies while we waited
for the all-clear signal.

"Those poor patients who had to exit in the middle of their procedures! One looked like a
squirrel with gauze packed in his cheeks. Another's mouth was held wide open by a
wild-looking gadget for the world to see inside. It was funny! My husband and his doctor
were the last ones out of the building because he was in the middle of getting a mould
made of his teeth and the dentist kept him there a few minutes, alarms blaring, waiting
for it to set up!

"I had just arrived back from going out for a cup of coffee. I whistled and called out to
the people on the balcony to get their attention. I showed them that I had a camera, and
indicated the pose I wanted. Afterward, I yelled up to him, 'You're going to be on the
internet!' They all laughed." --Doris

Takk til unknown for Phooningen og til Doris for fotoideen.

Aug 16, 2002

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