Flight attendant

Frontier Airlines, Utah

Her expression here was a total shock to me.

I had ended up in the front row, sitting opposite two flight attendants in their
rear-facing takeoff/landing seats. With the long time we'd sat on the runway in New York,
I'd gotten to explain Phoons and talk one into taking this Phoon photo while serving meals
later in the flight. After that photo, I asked if either would be willing to do the Phoon.
Janell agreed with some reluctance.

Throughout the flight, she'd shown herself as a serious professional, a person in charge.
I figured I had just one shot at a photo, and I didn't want it to be a wasted photo if it
turned out she didn't get the pose right (as occasionally happens with photos that are
sent to me). So I had to say something. But I didn't want extra words to cause her to
change her mind about the photo. I started to describe how it's difficult to get the rear
arm right. She cooly replied, "If I practice, you might as well take the picture, right?
Whatever picture you take, that's what you get." I respectfully conveyed my appreciation
for her willingness to help out. A bit later, we arranged that I'd hop out of the plane
first and get ready with the camera, and the other flight attendant would briefly hold up
the others from exiting.

I think you can now appreciate my delight at her great Phoon pose and expression. And now
I'm baffled. Which is out of character: her exuberance in this photo or her composure
during the flight? (Check out the little girl. It appears the pose is contagious.)

Takk til Janell for Phooningen. Fotoidé: meg.

Jul 08, 2002

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