Oprah's Harpo Studios

Where Oprah's show is recorded, Chicago, Illinois

Two months before my trip to Chicago for an eBay conference, I looked up Oprah's
headquarters and even emailed them to say that I'd be there and would be taking a picture
like this...and hoped someone, anyone on the staff, would join me in the photo. (I never
heard back from them.)

Now it was the last day of my business trip and I was strolling in a park, thinking I had
plenty of time to make it to Oprah's. Then I found out the actual time and gasped and
hailed a cab.

I tell you, I stressed about how to bag this Harpo Phoon without missing my flight. I
think I changed my instructions to the cabby four times, "Go there," "No, just go to the
airport," "No, go to Oprah's."

As we neared the site, I pointed to where the cabby should pull over, hopped out and
placed my camera in the street, got the shot, and ran back to the cab. A female Harpo
employee was hopping into her car at the end of her work day and saw the whole thing. She
offered a friendly comment about my getting a photo. I'd love to hear from someone that
she has gotten to see this photo!

Phooner: meg. Fotoidé: meg.

Jul 06, 2008

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