Phoons from Hell

Hell, Cayman Islands

"My wife and I were in the Grand Cayman Islands last week, and I thought of you as we
toured the little town called Hell (not much more than a post office, bar and gift
shop--one of the biggest tourist traps I've ever come across, that's for sure). We had to
get at least one Phoon picture for you. One is of the Hell post office and the other is of
dried coral beds that are supposedly what the brimstone of hell looks like." --Kevin

Editor: There's a reason there's a can of beans in one of the photos. And seeing the
stuffed animal in both photos, I'm guessing that his daughter is carrying on her dad's
tradition, starting her own travel-buddy photo collection.

Takk til Kevin for Phooningen (og for fotoideen).

Feb 13, 2005

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