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Rules for Phoon poses online magazine, Norway

Editor: Well, what do I say? I think that it is great that the newspaper covered an event
where people were invited to participate in an attempt at the new group Phooning record.
And I am very thankful that they gave generous credit to me and in this article
and in a previous article.

Someone wrote to me before this event, telling me that it was going to happen, and I
emailed them a link to the rules and urged them to practice so that as many people as
possible could be counted toward the record. It looks like all ages joined in the fun and
had fun, and that's great! But, when it comes to, do their poses count as Phoon
poses? The newspaper claims that they set the group record for Phoons. But did they? Many
Norwegians have gotten their photos posted on they met two simple
requirements: do the pose correctly and show something that will be interesting to

The newspaper had the interesting idea of creating a group Phoon photo, especially a group
that was going to break the current group Phoon record. But what is the first rule for
doing the pose right? Stand sideways to the camera. (That has always been a requirement.)

So, we are all left wondering, "What happened?" Perhaps these are just photos of them
practicing. Perhaps the instructor forget to tell them rule #1. I don't know! But,
unfortunately, the consequence is that many or most of the poses do not count. Sigh! There
are many excellent poses in the photo that do not count as Phoons because they were not
sideways to the camera. It's as simple as that.

Is there a photo of 300+ people phooning simultaneously? I have not seen it, so the
current group Phooning record by John in Texas has not yet been broken.

The text in the photos is mine. I sent those to the newspaper.

Are you in Norway? Would you like to help beat the record? Would you like to show that you and your friends can do the Phoon correctly? Write to them! Tell them
that you want them to hold another event so that you really can get the record!

Jun 30, 2007

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