McDonalds teal arches

Sedona, Arizona

"En route to Sedona Arizona, there was a sign that boasted 'The only Teal Green Arches in
the World!' (Apparently the electromagnetic vortices of Sedona wouldn't have produced good
vibes if the local McDonalds used its famous golden arches!)

"I seriously doubt McDonalds 'offered' to change their arches to Teal Green to better fit
into the Sedona surroundings; and yet I can't help but believe that McDonalds was singled
out, since the normal colors of other large chains (including bright yellow) were
everywhere to be seen.

"Of course, I believe everything I read, so if this was the only Teal Green Arches in the
World, I had to Phoon in front of it." --David

Takk til David for Phooningen (og for fotoideen).

Sep 16, 2002

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