Largest sitka spruce

Klootchy Creek Park, Oregon

"While visiting Oregon, we stopped to see the 'Largest sitka spruce in the U.S.' and of
course had to phoon on the railing.

"Other websites note the 'largest' being in Washington. I think I found the problem. The
one in Washington is larger around (707" vs. 673") while the one here is taller (191' vs
206'). So it depends on the way you look at it. Funny! Maybe if we found the overall mass
or surface area we could find the true largest! ;)" --Kimberly

(Update, 12/3/07: In a storm that struck the Oregon coast, the tree snapped about 75' from
the ground, finishing off a tree that was weak from a split that enlarged in Dec 2006.
(Sorry, Kimberly!))

Takk til Kimberly og Damon for Phooningen og til Kimberly for fotoideen.

Dec 03, 2007

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