Oldest phooner

Sunnyvale, California

Editor: Normally, I do not post two photos of the same location from the same camera. But
it dawned on me that Howard, at age 88, set the new record for "oldest Phooner," once held
by Mom at age 78 and by her friend Violet at age 80. Howard deserves the honor!

A few minutes earlier, I had phooned out in the street. Next thing I knew, Howard had left
his comfortable spot on the porch and went for his first phoon, without anyone suggesting
the idea (see inset). Mom then joined in the silliness, in full view of the rerouted
traffic, though I didn't capture them phooning simultaneously. But I like what the photo
captures: old friends having fun.

Long ago, Howard and Charlotte showered love on a bunch of teens, one of whom was my
father (don't worry, he had me when he was 33). It was great to be with them and
appreciate again their contribution to my father's life.

Thanks to Howard for phooning (and for the photo idea).

Jul 26, 2007

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