Orchard memorial

Sunnyvale, California

"Murphy Street Scene," commissioned to mark the old center of town, before the orchards
were replaced with Silicon Valley

Editor: Dad, I rejected a few of your Phoon photos over the years. In January 2004, you
submitted a photo of you on a sculpture. I rejected it. There was something a bit dull
about it...and I didn't want it to be your last Phoon photo. I knew cancer was slowly
taking you down. I didn't want that picture to be your last Phoon photo--I wanted one of
your better photos to be the last. (To my delight, you did some great Phoons in other
places after that.)

Tonight, a year after you died, I was looking for pictures of you for a blog post. I found
this photo, one of several variations on that same location that I rejected in 2004. I
like this one better and am glad I found it. Great Phoon, Dad. I'm glad to upload it.
Love, John

Thanks to Bob for phooning (and for the photo idea).

Jun 27, 2006

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