Rancho San Antonio Park, Los Altos Hills, California

5/31: I went to the park and saw a faint trail breaking off the major path, heading toward
the creek. Peeking through the brush, I saw blue paint in the distance. At first I thought
it was graffiti. A fallen tree provided easy access over the creek to what turned out, to
my great surprise, to be a man-made grotto, most likely constructed by the past owners of
the park property, Jesuit priests, as a place for meditation.

Update, 6/10: Two weeks after taking this photo, I returned here and discovered,
completely by accident, that a geocache was hidden in the grotto.

Update 6/11: I wrote to the persons who "created" this cache (who selected it as a place
to hide goodies) and they laughed: they had taken a Phoon picture at this location! I'm
waiting to see their picture!

Phooner: me. Photo idea: mine.

Jun 10, 2006

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