Mountain View, California

Mom and I had headed out for a movie on the afternoon of my birthday--it fell on Father's
Day this year--and then changed our minds, ending up strolling around the garden of this
old Victorian house, once the home of Henry Rengstorff, a key figure in the development of
this peninsula in the late 1800s. This gentleman popped out of one door of the house and
entered another. That drew my attention to a sign nearby announcing free tours that
afternoon. It ended up being just us and Charlie. Great tour. He's been doing this for 15
years, if I remember right. In this particular room was a piano and a photo of Dave
Brubeck, a distant relative of Henry Rengstorff. To my embarrassment, Mom asked if I
could play the piano. He asked me to play some of F�r Elise in honor of Henry's daughter
Elise whose wedding and memorial had taken place in the next room. (He said I was the
third person he'd let do that in all these years.) Mom asked what he was doing for
Father's Day, and he noted he'd be joining his three sons later in the day. I told
him--and I meant it--that I would be honored if I could have a picture of him for my
website. Happy Father's Day, Charlie!

Thanks to Charlie for phooning. Photo idea: mine.

Jul 07, 2009

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