Scott's trees

Colorado Springs, Colorado

My brother-in-law Scott passed away a few months ago. I was visiting my sister Joanne and
enjoying the garden view that he had created. One of Scott's loves was trees: finding
beautiful and unusual trees that could grow in this harsh climate at over a mile high.

I was simply enjoying the view when I was caught off-guard by the memory of my In
category. In a flash, I remembered how other loved ones of mine had been
honored in that category. And now I was looking at a pride and joy of Scott's and felt
moved to capture this view, this peak time of the year for beauty, in Scott's honor. I
picked out a spot, and then she recommended another location for me. After she took this
photo, she told me that two trees near me were planted in honor of our parents, with the
one to the right of my lifted foot having been planted with some of Dad's ashes.

Phooner: me. Photo idea: mine.

Jul 07, 2008

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