Shoe Tree

Rice, California

"We took a 'short-cut' through the desert on our way back to San Diego, California, from
Arizona (saving only a half hour, we figured later). Out in the middle of nowhere (and I
mean nowhere), we passed by something that looked like a tree full of shoes. We turned
around and returned to find it was exactly that.

"On the tree hangs a laminated page with these words: 'Shoe Tree. Lovingly dedicated to
James P. Mulay, Sr., Father's Day 2002! Jim waters this tree each trip he passes by. He
cleans up the area in order for this tradition to continue! In honor of Jim, let's all do
our share to take care of our precious tree! Thanks, Jim'

"Seeing that so many people gave up a pair of shoes for 'the cause' was amazing. I also
counted three American flags, five water-skiing life vests, a pair of cowboys boots, and a
woman's pink thong with the name Nancy Lombardi scrawled on the 'larger' portion of
fabric, along with, presumably, the date the underwear was exchanged.

"The Shoe Tree is 23 miles northeast of the junction of 177 and 62, 50 miles north of
I-10." --David

Thanks to David for phooning (and for the photo idea).

Sep 12, 2002

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