A bank monitor

Los Gatos, California

I was doing business at Bank of America. I looked up and was surprised to see my face
prominent on the monitor overhead. Then I thought, "Phoon opportunity." I asked the
teller, "Is there any law against my taking a photograph of the monitor?" She said no and
gestured toward the monitor and bank of cameras in a way that I understood to mean, "Be my
guest." A coworker chimed in, "Hey, all our cameras will capture you doing this, anyway."

I found the spot in the bank where the Phoon would be quite clear and a friend took the
photo of the monitor.

One final sanity check: I then showed the resultant photo to the teller and two officers
so they could see that no customers or workers were identifiable, that "all was okay."

Phoonare: jag. Fotoidé: min.

Jul 11, 2002

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