New Year's eve

Sunnyvale, California

Near Cabrillo and San Tomas

I was setting up my camera when the brother of the owner drove into the driveway. When
word got into the house that a picture was about to be taken, kids and adults, gathered
for a New Year's eve party, poured out of the house, excited at the prospect of their
great lights finally appearing in the media. Michael asked if he could be in the photo.
"Absolutely!" Soon, all of the kids wanted to be in it. With kids in place and camera
ready, it started raining hard. Adults and kids stood in the rain for the duration.

When I was putting away gear in the car, Michael ran up and said that someone else down
the street wanted to be in a photo, too. Off we went to his grandfather's home for another
Phoon photo.

Tack till the group och Michael som Phoonade. Fotoidé: min.

Dec 31, 2004

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