Joroinen, Finland

"This is looking out from a storage building that was built some twenty years ago and ever
since Mom and Dad had been stashing tons of useless stuff. If they only had discarded all
the junk at the moment it became useless...well, our job would have been a LOT easier. An
old X-ray machine Dad bought from a local hospital...Not that he needed it, but since it
was cheap enough...well...why not! Fifty square meters of old parquet floor chopped into
useless little bits. Steel benches from this train car. We've had this cleanup operation
in mind for a long time. It sure was an interesting experience, I tell you! The 90 year
old shed is full of stuff, too. We'll get to that some other day." --Timo

Tack till Timo som Phoonade (och för fotoidén).

Nov 20, 2004

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