Plainfield, Vermont

"I had thought this would be a funny opportunity for a Phoon. My friend, who was to take
the picture, left and then returned later to take the photo. She told the nurses she
wanted to find me because I wanted her to take pictures. The nurses freaked out, thinking
I wanted her to take pics during the exam! No, just while I was waiting beforehand. But,
of course, the nurse still thinks something just isn't right with this. She claimed the
hospital didn't allow such things. I explained it was for my friend, for this internet
site. Well, didn't that just freak her out even more! What kind of person has an internet
site of women in hospital gowns that don't tie in the back?! After another 15 minutes of
our back and forth on this, a high up muckety muck from the hospital shows up and I
explain in great detail what this was about, why I was doing it, how every part of me
would be covered. Whew--she agreed!

"In hindsight, I wish I had had all the nurses phoon with me, for they now thought this
was hilarious and were laughing while watching. But who could think clearly at this point?
I just wanted one silly little picture!" --Mary

Tack till Mary som Phoonade (och för fotoidén).

Jul 09, 2010

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