Chicago, Illinois

While at the eBay Developers Conference, I had the pleasure of sitting at a lunch table
with three Italian journalists and a programmer and a couple of French journalists. To
kick off conversation, I brought up the Italian version of my site on my laptop
and turned it to face them. Soon, they were browsing the photos taken in Italy, calling
out the places they recognized and laughing. At the end of lunch, I asked if they were up
for a photo on the stage. The stage was dark, and we were eerily backlit for our first
attempt at a Phoon photo. Then the folks in the control room saw us and kicked on the
stage spotlights. I called out to my fellow phooners, "Don't smile." They responded that
they wanted to smile. Hey, that's what happens with phooning newbies!

Tack till mig, Gaia, Simone och Camilla som Phoonade. Fotoidé: min.

Jul 07, 2008

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