Online oil portrait broadcast

Encinitas, California

"Fascinating connection in this small world. I met Patty of Australia via my brother John.
She and I have communicated over the last year or more. She became aware of my broadcast and started watching from time to time.

"In February 2009, she asked if she might hire me to paint small portraits of her parents.
We arranged for the portraits to be painted live online from photographs she provided. I
completed the one of her father, John Warby, who passed away several years ago.

"During this broadcast, as I worked on the painting of her mother, Bunty Warby, age 89, I
asked Patty to call me via a Skype video call, and I nested the view of Patty in my
broadcast. Bunty was watching the broadcast from her own home 700 km from Patty.

"During the show, Patty declared, 'I could actually do a Phoon...' I asked her to go phoon
by the doors so I could get a screen shot. She laughed as she got in position, dealt with
the chair in the view, etc. (You can watch the event in this recording, jumping to the 47
minute mark.)" --David

Tack till Patty som Phoonade och till David för fotoidén.

Apr 19, 2009

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