For Dad

Joroinen, Finland

"This picture was taken on the same day we held Dad's memorial. Dad built this house all
by himself. It took him over ten years, two heart attacks and one bypass surgery, so the
place really has a special meaning to me. Dad was born in Northern Finland, Lapland and
snow was a very dear element to him. That, also, is why this is a nice picture: His very
dear house covered in snow, it's a sight he would just love. So the house is not just the
place where I grew up; it also represents things that Dad considered important in his life
and that I want to cherish: independence, family, and the skills of hand. This house is,
and I think will always be, Home for me. Dad's gone but life does go on!" --Timo

Tack till Timo som Phoonade (och för fotoidén).

Jan 07, 2004

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