When Phooners meet

Sunnyvale, California

Mom called me at work to say that our friend Claudia's folks were in town. Their photos
were on Phoons.com, she said, and they wanted to come meet me. Me? Ha! I couldn't think of
who Claudia's folks might be; regardless, I said, "Sounds fun! And we should do a 'when
phooners meet' photo." I thought of Mom's garden, where I've long thought of phooning on
the arbor. (Look closely and you can see a white pipe I used to balance--hey, it's scary
up there!)

When they appeared at Mom's front door and introduced themselves as Jack and Mary Lu, I
burst out laughing as my brain tried to make sense of this. I had recently corresponded
with Jack regarding photos I accepted and photos I rejected, having had no idea of their
connection to Claudia (yes, Claudia, I rejected your dad's photos...can you believe it?).
Several times this enjoyable evening, I repeated my delight and astonishment at these
"random recent phooners" now sitting across the table from me: "Jack and Mary Lu! And
you're Claudia's folks!"

Tack till Jack, Claudia, mig, Mary Lu och Tom som Phoonade. Fotoidé: min.

Jun 19, 2006

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