Graduation night capitalism

Sunnyvale, California

They needed parking spaces. I had parking spaces. They were happy to pay.

I dropped by my parents' place one weekday afternoon to water their plants while they were
away on a trip. Their street, next to a high school, was uncharacteristically barren. Aha!
This was graduation night! I recalled the pattern from past years: Kids get out early on
one Thursday every June, the streets become empty, then drivers begin pouring into the
area, jockeying for best closest parking spots, more anxiously so as the ceremony start
time comes and passes.

So, I moved our two cars out into the street, propped up the sign against a parked car and
waited. Sure enough, two late families pulled right into the driveway and tooted their
horns to draw me out of the garage. They were delighted to not have to walk. "I would've
done the same with my driveway!" said one lady.

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Jun 10, 2004

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