Golden Gate Bridge architect

Statue of Joseph Strauss, San Francisco, California

Three and a half years after the first version of this location, Dad is 76, has cancer, is
going through chemo...but he'll do just about anything for his kids.

When we arrived, bunches of tourists hovered nearby, monitoring each other for their turn
to take a photograph of the statue. Eventually, we moved in toward the statue and the
others stepped back into monitor mode. As I helped him climb up, the chatty tourists
became silent, I suppose unsure what to do with a gray haired man climbing onto a statue
in full view of tourists (most of whom are off the right edge of the photo) and a couple
plainclothes police officers keeping an eye out for suspicious activity near this famous
bridge. As he shifted his balance and slowly swung his limbs into position, I heard
several of them emit delighted Ooohs, clearly impressed with the unexpected acrobatic feat
developing before them.

I laugh with embarrassment, recalling that I wandered back to the camera and forgot to
help him back down!

Tack till Bob som Phoonade. Fotoidé: min.

Dec 24, 2004

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