Kool School 2002

Kangerlussuaq, Greenland

"We are with the 109th AW (Air Wing) from Scotia, New York and fly C-130s equipped with
skis. We support the National Science Foundation at both the North and South Poles,
transporting their people and supplies. (You may recall the recent rescue of a doctor from
the South Pole's McMurdo Station--we are part of that unit.)

"I saw that some of my NSF friends phooned at the Summit NSF site, also in Greenland, so I
talked my friends into phooning in uniform here outside of the Fire House (old location
name: Sonderstrom AB).

"The 'Kool School,' which teaches people how to survive in the arctic environment, is part
of the 109th TAW (Tactical Airlift Wing). We are with the NY Air National Guard, which is
part of the US Air Force." --LTC Jim

Tack till Dan, Alison och Kelly som Phoonade och till Jim för fotoidén.

Jun 18, 2002

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