Saint Clare

Santa Clara, California

A sculpture made in 1965 by Italy for the city of Santa Clara

A geocaching hunt landed me at the park that had this statue. I walked to the edge of the
pond and checked how deep the water was. "Ya know, why not? Just walk in there, have my
picture taken, and walk out and no harm done, right?" I gave the photographer
instructions, rolled up my pant legs and waded the 25 or so steps.

Instead of heading back toward the camera, I exited to the left. That's when I discovered
that a man and his wife were sitting at a picnic bench on the other side of the pond and
their two toddlers were standing at the edge of the pond, looking very much like they
wanted to get in but had been told not to. Now, here I was, appearing in the middle of the
pond, strolling quite casually. I grimaced and chuckled as I considered how I just
complicated things for the parents.

Phoonare: jag. Fotoidé: min.

May 05, 2007

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