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San Jose, California

This Phoon photo from March 2004 is not particularly impressive.

But for those of us who knew my sister Jan, it speaks volumes. By her own account, her
life had been bound by fear. But in these last few years, she was wrestling to choose
right new beliefs--and winning. Flying (the thought of which was enough to terrify her)
into town to help overhaul Mom and Dad's backyard was profound evidence. When I arrived to
pick her up, I rushed in to capture the event of her arrival, a symbol of her choosing
right beliefs. (She didn't want me to post it--she said she was embarrassed by her
difficulty with balancing due to damage to her body from cancer and treatment.) Her
husband is on the left, beaming.

A couple of years later, she asked if she could send me an article (of spiritual nature)
that she was developing. It captured the wrestling she was choosing. She hoped to someday
share it with others. Love you, Jan.

Tack till Jan som Phoonade. Fotoidé: min.

Oct 04, 2007

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