Performance art

McCormick Place Conference Center, Chicago, Illinois

I was on a business trip with eBay. Coworker Brad said to call him on his cell phone when
I was ready to head from the hotel to dinner.

I called and asked where he was. When he described what I recognized as the curved
waterfall around a large grassy area, I looked out my hotel window and saw him sitting
with his book on a pedestal. Well, of course: Phoon op.

I described where I was, so he could turn sideways to me, and he listened to my
instructions via the phone in his extended hand. He stood on one foot for perhaps a minute
while I told him move this arm, move that hand. Eventually, he spoke up about wanting to
be done with this; a policeman (far left) was watching his antics.

Tack till Bradburn som Phoonade. Fotoidé: min.

Jul 07, 2008

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