Another day at the office

St. Petersburg, Russia

"I got an urge to phoon and, upon spotting this fine file cabinet, climbed on it and just
let it go! Notice the shelf bending...guess it's not designed for a 100kg person to stand

"Panu was getting a huge laugh because I was blabbering all the time how scared I was
being up there. (I was shaking ten minutes after I finally got down from there!) The
cabinet doesn't look that high but when it's right next to the wall and you don't have a
ladder handy it was quite an effort to get up there and afterwards stay there posing, not
to mention getting down! It didn't help any that my feet were all sweaty from the heat and
stress. :) " --Timo

Tack till Timo som Phoonade (och för fotoidén).

Jul 30, 2003

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