Prairie dog statues

South Sioux City, Nebraska

"Prairie Dog Quest placed 40 of these 5-foot tall, 200 pound fiberglass prairie dogs in
the Sioux City vicinity. Each was sponsored by a local business, and then designed and
painted by local artists.

"The one on the left is 'Husker Dog' and is dedicated to the University of Nebraska
Cornhuskers, the big sports team around here. The one in the middle is in front of the
Sioux City Convention Center. He is designed with a lot of different tourist stuff, and a
whole lot of tile. 'Blues' was one of the first prairie dogs to appear on the streets and
also has the honor of being the first one stolen. Although he weighs 200 pounds or so,
someone managed to swipe him off his corner. He was found about a week later at a local
park." --Kevin

Editor: Follow the can of beans.

Tack till Katie som Phoonade (och för fotoidén).

Jul 01, 2002

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