Model airplanes

Tampere, Finland

"A little hobby of mine... From left to right, a Polikarpov I-15bis, Messerschmidt 109-G10
and Fokker D.XXI.

"On March 6th, 1918, during the Finnish Civil War, the Swedish Count Eric von Rosen
presented to the Finnish White Army its first aircraft. Back then, the blue swastika was
the symbol of good fortune and was painted on the upper side and under side of the wings
of the Thulin Parasol he brought from Sweden. The sign was adopted by the Finnish Air
Force to honor him. (It is important to understand that the sign of the early Finnish Air
Force has nothing to do with Nazi Germany." --Timo

Tack till Timo som Phoonade (och för fotoidén).

Jan 09, 2004

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