Pulpit Rock

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Here is a view of the rock formation, similar to what I saw from a nearby freeway while on
vacation in Colorado. It's one of those things that makes my brain tell me, "You have to
do a Phoon on that."

So, my courageous friend climbed as high as she could bear and then sat rather paralized
in a safer spot with the camera while I worked my way up to the peak on this cold 38°F

Because of the strong winds (okay, and the big drop within eyesight), it was a long time
before I drummed up the courage to lift my foot off of the ground. Fortunately, my friend
had the camera in rapid shoot mode to catch this (as well as my grasping the rock to
gingerly crawl back down). Don't try this.

Phoonare: jag. Fotoidé: min.

Dec 05, 2005

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