Berkner High School Mighty Ram Band

Richardson, Texas

Once a group record with 195 phooners. Click for more pictures.

"This is during the halftime show, Nov 12, 2004. The band is one of the best in the state
of Texas. They just finished their marching competition, winning their area and making it
to the state marching contest for the third straight season. The football team has made
the playoffs, so the band season has been extended. With the band competition over, the
band director agreed to let the band have some fun with phooning on two conditions: it had
to be uniform and it wouldn't set a precedent. We had fun. Even the pep squad joined in."

See John in an earlier Phoon photo.

Tack till the group som Phoonade och till John för fotoidén.

Nov 25, 2004

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